“The single most important ingredient to cook is imagination.”

- Chef Ram

Who am I?

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A wanderlust with a penchant for great food?

An inquisitive explorer of cuisines and ingredients. An experimental chef who lives and loves cooking with a motto to reach millions. A chef who believes in simple cooking, great tasting dishes for everyday life

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Dish it out with me

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The recipes I share here, would range from the simplest of day-today cooking dishes, to party specials, to occasion related to "a la chef" recipes for those who prefer to scale new peaks. Mostly I would prefer using ingredients which you could easily source or is available in your pantry.
Come on in and explore!

“If someone says, 'You suck at cooking', invite them over for dinner next month.”

- Chef Ram


Chef Ram's


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Never get discouraged at the kitchen . The counter can never let you down. What you burn can be a delicacy. What you overcook can be a porridge. When you add less ingredients to lot so water,
it could be clear soup.

You can never go wrong. You can only not want to do it. Take the plunge, in fact just take a dip. And the kitchen will do the rest. Love people. Love food. Life is good! Cheers!


Founder & Chef

“If burning food is taboo, what is flambéing?”

- Chef Ram


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