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A wanderlust with a penchant for great food? An inquisitive explorer of cuisines and ingredients.
An experimental chef who lives and loves cooking with a motto to reach millions.
A chef who believes in simple cooking, great tasting dishes for everyday life.

You need to love food to cook. I was ecstatic when I made my first omelets. It was burnt to cinders and sloppy. What made me go on was a small lie when my mom said, "It's really nice". Just shows that in this beautiful world, there are people who'll love your food just cos you made it. And it's these people for who you should strive hard to dish out the best.

I have travelled around the world to countries far and wide and have interacted with thousands of food enthusiasts and common men and women folk. Mostly I found that the challenge with cooking is people think it's 'a challenge'. I had the best lemonade on a stand near Central Park; the best Sushi in Jamaica by a 82 year old Japanese lady; The best Aloo Paratha in Lebanon and the most amazing pizza in a small village in Florence.

And through the years, what I have experienced, I carried with me and that is here at your Chef Ram's. This is not a website. It's a journal which I have started and hope that in days to come there will be hundreds who will join me. To share recipes, secrets, bloopers and even live experiences.

Chef Ram's is for all - the trained chefs, amateurs, virgin cooks, the girlfriends impressers, the contest winners et al.

Start your journey today with me. Travel far and wide for the world is your kitchen!

My fellow travelers


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