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Crêpe à La India (BengalGram Semolina Uthappam)


To Cook Quantity
Bengal Gram (Chana Dal) 2 tbsp
Semolina (Suji) 1 cup
Rice Flour 1 tbsp
Green Chillies 2
Baking Powder 1 tsp
Curd ½ cup
Chaat Masala 1 tsp
Onion 1 (Finely chopped)

1 cup

Salt & oil As per required
Mustard 1 tbsp
Curry leaves (Finely Chopped) 5-6

1) Soak the Chana Dal in a bowl for half an hour as it gives smooth texture.
2) Blend the Dal and make a smooth paste.
3) To a bowl add Semolina, rice flour, finely chopped onion.
4) Add chana dal paste, curd, chilies to the bowl.
5) Gradually add 1 cup of water into a bowl and mix it without any lumps.
6) Add Chaat Masala, salt and baking soda as per required and cover it for 10 minutes.
7) For tempering, fry the mustard and curry leaves in the oil and transfer into the uthappam mixture.
8) Pour the mixture in the hot tawa and cook it on a medium flame.
9) Flip the Uthappam and cook the other side.
10) Serve the delicious Chana Dal Suji Uthappam with Tomato Sauce or coconut chutney.